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Career with PADI

Divemaster course

Divemaster and Assistant Instructor Course


Career with PADI

The first step on the professional path.
At the beginning of your full or part time career in diving, you gain the first PADI ranking Divemaster.
After you have successfully completed the PADI Advanced and Rescue Diver training, you will work closely with a PADI Instructor to lift your diving skills and knowledge to a professional level. Then, in the most interesting part of the course, you will learn and practice the supervision of diving activities and assist active the student training.

Now as a certified PADI Divemaster you can do further training courses.

Learn mor about the Divemaster course on the PADI website.

Assistant Instructor
The PADI Assistant Instructor (AI) course not only provides valuable preparation for Open Water Scuba Instructor training, but also expands skills that enhance an AI's professional capacity.

During the course you'll concentrate on developing an academic presentation style that allows you to effectively conduct classroom sessions for any PADI course. Upon completion, you may choose to go on to an Instructor Development Course, or use your practical knowledge and skills as a professional Assistant Instructor.

Having a PADI Assistant Instructor on staff at PADI Dive Centers and Resorts is desirable since you may conduct several PADI programs independently or with minimal guidance from a PADI Instructor. Your qualifications allow the dive center or resort to offer a new dimension in training services to fulfill customer needs.

Beyond the responsibilities already earned as a PADI Divemaster, Assistant Instructor teaching opportunities include
Certifying students as PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Divers.
Conducting the complete Discover Scuba pool experience.
Conducting the MEDIC FIRST AID Course (after additional training as a MEDIC FIRST AID Instructor).
Certifying students in non-diving specialties such as Equipment Specialist (after earning PADI Specialty Instructor certification).

As a certified PADI Assistant Instructor
you can supervise both training and non-training-related activities by planning, organizing and directing dives. PADI Dive centers and Dive Resorts employ Assistant Instructors, as staff to support Instructors during training sessions and also to lead and conduct supervised dives for certified divers.

Learn mor about the Assistant Instructor course on the PADI website.